Weekend Outings

The Life for Koori Kids (LFKK) social committee organises social, cultural and educational excursions for the children throughout the year.

In the summer, LFKK takes kids for a swim at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence in Redfern. Kids also get the opportunity to go rock climbing, fishing or catch a movie and view the Bangarra Dance Theatre at the Opera House.

In 2012, we organised a three-day camp for a group of the LFKK boys with the Boodooree National Park Aboriginal community. They were exposed to land management and survival skills, dreamtime stories, cultural heritage practices and history as well as men’s business. For some, this was their first opportunity to travel outside Sydney and connect with another Aboriginal community. With support, we hope to make this a regular part of the LFKK programme.

Each year, LFKK also enters the Eveleigh Markets annual Christmas Banner Competition for local youth organisations with a dot painting by the LFKK community. In 2013, our artwork won first prize!