Supporting our cultural heritage is an important part of LFKK as it allows children to realise their potential. LFKK strives to facilitate cultural immersion experiences.

In past years we organised a camp for a group of LFKK boys with the Boodooree National Park Aboriginal Community. The boys were exposed to land management and survival skills, dreamtime stories cultural heritage practices and history as well as men’s business. For some of the boys this was their first opportunity to travel outside of Sydney and connect with another Aboriginal Community.

Recently we were able to take a group of teenage LFKK members to Uluru. It was the experience of a lifetime for all to see, hear and touch the rich culture of Uluru, Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta. The cultural centres, the landscape and the travel by air was a first time experience for most.

LFKK has been fortunate to to link up with some Aboriginal guides of the NSW Art Gallery and view new Aboriginal art installations. The children were able to create their own perceptions of the art with assistance of guides and volunteers. Within the year the community gets involved in NAIDOC Week, Yabun Festival and ANZAC Services for Indigenous Service Personnel.

Recently LFKK undertook a large immersive art project for the children to display their cultural heritage. Together the children created an art book titled ‘Gnamaroo’ – a word meaning compass, which inspired the children’s confidence and pride in their culture via the acknowledgement of their families Nations and Totems.